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Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t go out in public like that, or go to the gym or the club or whatever. I want you exposed. I want people to stare at you wherever you go and think that you must be the dumbest, nastiest, most filthy and worthless excuse for a human being that they ever saw. Immerse yourself in the filth and humiliation that comes with eradicating all your higher thoughts and just becoming the base and rotten animal that you’ve always been inside. After all, what’s the point of having that nice, tight, tiny little body if you don;t show it off to everyone you meet? Why bother making your hair and makeup perfect and then removing every shred of hair below the waist if people aren’t going to get to see what a sooth and cum-soaked fuckdoll you really are.

Every good whore should be an exhibitionist, because no good whore has a shred of self-respect, dignity or shame left in her. When you hear those whispers when you walk by, the girls who sneer and call you a fucking whore, the guys who leer and rub themselves as your cunt drools down your thighs - these things will make you tremble with need. Knowing that everyone sees you as the broken and ruined cunt that you’ve become is the final validation that this is your real purpose… And you should be eternally grateful that Daddy showed you it. 

So I want you to be humiliated and degraded in public. I want you to come home elated that the world has seen what a worthless fucking whore you are now. Then I want to take you somewhere that everyone can see how broken, used up little cunts get treated then fuck every hole you have till you;re nothing but a mass of ruined flesh leaking cum and tears on the ground. Maybe, just maybe, then you’ll be worth my attention.

All women should be like this.


Hey, let’s goback to the room and lick each others pussy’s!

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