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sexy bum

Don’t look at me so incredulously, princess.

I am absolutely serious about this.

You are going to mince around that corner and in to that Department Store.

With those long legs encased in black pantyhose; those skin tight tarty black hotpants stretched tight across your backside and your chastity imprisoned crotch; those slutty black ankle-strap pumps clicking with an ostentatious audibility as you mince prissily through the crowded store - you are going to be the centre of attention, princess.

I want you to ask for assurance in trying on shoes.

I want you to try on skirts an tops and come out of the cabin to ask the salesgirls what they think.

I want you to ask at the hosiery counter for what pantyhose would go hear with you sissy maids dressed.

I want you to ask for assistance with bra sizes in lingerie.

I want you to get a makeover at the Chanel counter, as scores of bemused women look at the emasculated sissy, sitting there having its face painted.

Don’t worry - I’ll only be a short distance behind you filming your public humiliation.

I am going to capture all the piercing stares.

Iam going to capture all the whispers and snide asides.

I am going to capture all the wolf-whistles and insults.

I don’t want to miss a moment of it as the shame burns through your soul.

I want to see you wanting to just disappear into a hole or wanting just collapse on the floor unto a pathetic mess, unable to cope.

You don’t think so right now, but you will cope. You’ll be amazed at how you managed, but you will.

Learning to live with burning, eternal shame is a part if coming to terms with life as sissy.

You know you can’t go back to being a man. You’ve failed at that -time and time again. It’s not going to be any different now, or ever.

And you know you’re never going to be a real woman.

You are an emasculated sissy. A transvestite fag. You will be forever.

Its time to learn how to live with the shame that will live inside you the rest of your life.

Ok, now. Off you go!

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