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So I’d told sir that I didn’t have any limits for how long I was locked for this time (obviously excluding situations where it’s necessary for health or privacy).

… and I recently asked if he would rivet the device shut.

Today I got what I asked for.

(At first, when he was unlocking me, he said something like, “Fuck it, I’ll just rivet you now.” I’ve never felt the blood rush to my dick so fast. But he let me out and edged me for a bit.)

God damn I’m horny.

Anybody need a humpy, locked up puppy for anything?


Sometimes you see sluts who are obviously just made to be filled with as many cocks as possible, covered in cum and turned out as the filthy, nasty little cock-whores they so clearly are. Right here is a good example. I look at this slut and all I see is that pair of tiny shorts round her knees, her shirt hitched up and a thick hard cock ramming into her from behind while her fake fat tits are mauled by the other guy rampantly violating her throat. That’s where she belongs - filled with cock and screaming round them as she cums and begs for more.

All women should be like this.


I mean it when I say that all schools should have a uniform code that makes teen sluts wear skirts, heels and socks like this. They should be taught early on that their little holes are for cock, and as much as they can cram into it. That their asses need to be placed at a good height for Daddy to grab, or spank, or finger, and that every effort needs to be made to make their bodies as open as possible for cock, cum and the violation of the men surrounding them… Then they’d realise their true purpose as tight teen fuck-meat for everyone’s enjoyment.

All women should be like this.

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